Covid Vaccination Programme – Frequently Asked Questions Week 3

Q1. I understand people under 50 years can now receive their vaccination. I am 39 years old and have not yet been contacted. Why is this?

A1. At present (as at 19.04.21), only those aged 45-49 years are being invited for their vaccination.

Explanation in full

The Government’s target to offer all patients in Groups 1-9, a Covid19 vaccination by the 15th April has been achieved. As a result, NHS England are now inviting those aged 45-49 years to start booking their vaccinations via the NHS Website or 119. This is the beginning of Phase 2 of the Vaccination programme where the further groups have been split as follows: Cohort 10 (40-49 years), Cohort 11 (30-39 years) and Cohort 12 (18-29 years).

At present, the Practice has not yet been allocated any first doses for this cohort and would strongly urge patients who are aged 45-49 to book via Only those aged 45 years or over, on or before 30th March 2021 are being offered the vaccination. We do not know when those in lower age groups will be offered the vaccination.

Q2. I have now received both of my vaccinations. Can I have a Covid19 certificate

A2. No. Such documentation does not exist and is not required.

Explanation in full

The Westgate Practice, like all GP practices, are unable to provide any form of Covid19 certificate or passport. Such documents have yet to be decided by the Government and as such cannot be provided.

You will have received a vaccination card that will have been completed with the name of the vaccine, batch number and date of vaccination for each dose. This information will also appear in your medical record via the National Covid19 vaccination records.

Q3. Where in the Covid Vaccination Programme are the Westgate Practice? I have heard that some practices are not getting the second dose done within 12 weeks.

A3. On Target.

Explanation in full

All vaccination centres will have begun administering vaccines on different dates. This is because the initial rollout began with a few sites around the country, increasing the number of sites administering the vaccination, over a number of weeks and months. Therefore those that began earlier will be offering second doses earlier than those that started later. This is because of the 12 week interval between doses which the UK adopted very early on in the programme.

The Westgate Practice started administering vaccines from 15th January 2021. To date (18.04.21) 15,862 patients have had first dose vaccinations, finishing a week before the deadline of 15th April as set by the Government. This is a tremendous achievement in light of the fact that this was on the back of administering 8,500 flu vaccinations and in addition to all the work being undertaken on a daily basis by the practice. Just under 5,000 patients have also now received their second dose vaccination.

Q4. Now that restrictions are lifting, I have booked to go the Lake District for a week and will not be available for my second dose.

A4. You will be invited on or around week 10/11 and should plan to be available for your second dose.

Explanation in full

The Covid Vaccination Programme and its scheduled second dose at around week 12 has been long and well publicised. Please consider when this might be once you have had your first dose, as the practice will need you to be available when your time comes. This is a national programme and whilst we understand some circumstances might change, we cannot fulfil everyone’s individual requests based on their own particular circumstances. These clinics take a lot of planning and time in coordinating and we appreciate our patients being ready and available for their vaccination.

Q5. Is there anything I need to do before attending my second vaccination?

A5. Complete and bring the questionnaire you were given at your first dose along with your vaccination card.

Explanation in full

When attending your second dose of the vaccination, please ensure you are wearing a mask or face covering, wear a top that allows easy access to your upper arm and arrive at your appointment time. Please also complete the covid questionnaire that was either posted or handed to you at your first appointment. It is also available on the our Generic Covid Screening Form page in the News Section.

Unfortunately the vaccination cannot be administered without a completed questionnaire, so it is important this is brought along with your vaccination card to your appointment.