Our practice participates in advanced training of higher qualified doctors within General Practice. These doctors have experience of hospital posts and on occasions, other practices prior to joining the team. They work with us for up to a year and share all aspects of medical care in liaison with the partners. As part of their training and to aid their ongoing development it is necessary for some consultations to be video recorded. Your consent will always be requested in advance. Please accept their services as an extension of our own.

Student Doctors

Our practice also participates in the training of student doctors from the University of Birmingham. We support, train and develop students throughout their 5 year qualifying period at University, before further training as a doctor. To support their development, meeting patients, understanding health care and the management of this, plays an essential part to their learning journey. You may be contacted by a member of staff and asked If you are willing to be interviewed by a medical student under supervision of a senior doctor. Your support is much appreciated in helping us develop doctors of the future. Patients will always be asked to confirm they are happy to see student doctors prior to their appointment.

Student Nurses

The practice also support the training of student nurses and development working with Wolverhampton University. This plays an essential part to their training. You may be contacted by a member of staff and asked if you are willing to be seen or accompanied by a student nurse.